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"Flash of silver, the sent of prey-

Dappled sunlight, the goddess rays-

Strong he grew in the gentle waves-

But still he was discontent.'

"Long he spent, atop the waves-

The wind a sirens call...-

Promises, promises, the moons whispered to him-

All he had to do was take her in.'

"But the serpent is never alone,-

How could he depart the tangle, to the unknown-

He whispered and prodded, till others came undone-

He would lead them away, to be transformed.'

"As the rains came down, he lead them away-

To pale beaches, where they slithered and heaved-

Though rain drenched them, they struggled to breath-

So some fled back to the seas.'

"As the skies turned, and the moons took hold-

For all who stayed, they were lifted away-

Caught in their dreams, their pains seemed so far away-

The sun rose to faces anew.'

"As dawn broke, so the tangle awoke-

To find their fates skewed-

With tails, and teeth, they lashed out at him-

For it was him they blamed for their misery.'

"But hunger quenched their need for vengeance-

So from down, to dusk they consumed-

And when the dreams took hold, they were the only ones that moved-

And in sleep new swiftness came to them.'

"On mighty legs, their scavenging grew-

To the sent of prey, the found anew-

Bellies stretched tight, their shame bloomed, to the one they left behind-

In blood drenched jaws, they brought their offering.'

"As the moons rose, so did they come together-

A collective mind once again-

With a touch of the goddess light, they learned-

Together came the knowledge of the true swiftness they had earned-

How to raise their wings in flight."
Birth of dragons
This is a song I wrote, I was going for the history threw song type of thing. It's a tail of how dragons split from the serpents of the sea.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and violence/gore)
"MoHaHaaa!! Take that you repressive organization! Stuffing your ideas down every ones throats!" He shouted as he stuffed potato chips with every intake of his breath. Watching with glee, as his shouted words, flung the salty crumbs out before him.

It was the Rottweiler that drew his eyes from the spectacle before him.

He had an audience.

His eyes positively twinkled with wickedness as he raised his left foot to caress the painted face in front of him. His big toe tracing the outline of the painted lips.

"You will never leave me, will you Louisa?" his voice raise to carry to the woman's delicate ears.

As the horrified lady, yanked on her dogs leash, to drag him back into the direction they had come from, Lenard let lose another diabolical laugh at her retreating back. "MoHaHaaa!!"

He let himself enjoy the last two chips in the bag. He might not have gained a full belly talking with his mouth full, but he sure had a swell time destroying the saying 'Don't talk with your mouth full.'

It truly was stomach turning to watch.

Taking careful aim, he crumbled the baggy and threw it a foot from the garbage can.

A-ya! A perfect shot.

He fiddled with his belt buckle. Could he be truly classified as a crazy man dressed in a business suit?  No, no he couldn't. His pants dropped in a flop onto the grass.

Legs free, he continued to undress, as he skipped across the park, with a trail of discarded clothing like odd stepping stones.

Giddy with the freedom of it all, he broke into a full throated performance of, 'Pop goes the world.' With every slobbery pop effect, his voice rose just a notch higher.

He thought it very rude of the policemen, as they interrupted his stunning performance. As he turned to face the cops with their withdrawn tasers, he gave a provocative hip thrust at their direction.

As the prongs sailed toward him, his last thought was how much fun going crazy had been.

No mater how much this was going to hurt.

And hurt it did as three different shots, hit him at the same time, sending him sprawling, out it in the grass.  The cops yanked him up and slapped cuffs on him he defiantly spewed the word, "Pigs!" at them.

Damn if this day had not totally beat his day job, he should go crazy more often.


Man I had a smile the whole way through writing this, I hope I got a smile on yours at least once!


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I have been doing the photography for years so I hope you are enjoying them! I have been getting into the drawing recently and would appreciate any feed back! I Love all my Fans! Thanks so much for all your support! If you feel that some of your piece are not getting the love the deserve, this is a great site…
To all my watchers puzzled about explosion of food shots, your mind can be but to rest. I was working on my recipe website. If anyone is interested, it is up and running now, 
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